Tables and furniture

At Brut de Table, we specialize in the manufacture of solid wood planks and panels, oak specialty, oriented towards the top of the range and offering high quality, durable and simple products. We only offer tailor-made products to meet all our customers' requests.

Co-design your table and your furniture with you!

We are proud to work with our customers to design custom-made tables and furniture that perfectly meet your needs and tastes. We believe that each piece of furniture should be unique and reflect the personality of its owner .

Our specialty is solid oak, which we use to create high quality, durable and simple products. We believe simplicity is the key to beauty, and we work hard to create products that are both practical and stylish .

Our table legs are usually made of steel , which is an infinitely recyclable product, to give a modern and industrial look to our tables. We also make the feet in our workshop.

We also work with local partners to minimize our carbon footprint, especially for the epoxy painting of our feet.

In short, at Brut de Table, we are proud to offer bespoke tables and furniture, designed to meet the needs and tastes of our customers, while minimizing our impact on the planet. We are convinced that our high quality, durable and simple products will reflect the personality of our customers and bring a touch of elegance to their interior.

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If you don't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to send us inspiration photos.

Oak table with sled legs

Choice of finishes:

1. Edge selection:

Straight edge Irregular edge
Oak panel with straight edges Oak panel with uneven edge

2. Edge machining:

broken edges Rounded edges


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