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Our workshop specializes in the manufacture of top quality solid wood planks, panels and elements, with a specialization in solid oak.

We offer a wide range of products including high-end solid oak boards and panels, worktops and table tops, cutting boards, skirting boards and much more.

Our solid oak planks and panels are ideal for DIY projects for individuals and professionals . We generally offer these products without varnish, thus allowing our customers to cut or even customize their finish according to their tastes.

Our solid oak table tops are very popular with our customers. We offer these products generally varnished, ready to install on feet, which greatly facilitates the task of our customers.

Our work plans are very competitive. We offer these varnished or raw products , ready to install or to be recut, which allows a perfect fit on site.

Our solid oak cutting boards are also highly regarded for their natural beauty and durability. We offer cutting boards in different sizes, to meet the needs of each customer. These boards can also be used for the presentation of dishes.

All of our oak products are custom made to perfectly match your interior, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your interior.

We are passionate about the quality and natural beauty of solid oak wood, and we pride ourselves on offering a range of exceptional products to meet all of your premium solid wood needs.

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