Télétravail et bureau sur-mesure

Telecommuting and tailor-made office

Telework has recently developed in France. We trade our 'open space' for a living room, a bedroom, or any other room allowing us to work from home. But these spaces are not always suitable for comfortable living.

Whether you only use a simple laptop or need to store paper files and materials, it is always better to have a dedicated and suitable office.

The preconceived, to make yourself

The solution of a pre-designed desk that you will find on the market is certainly the most economical for new. It will then be necessary to free up time to go and choose it and assemble it yourself.

The D-method

If you're a handyman, you can still improvise a desk with a few scrap materials, but again some time will be needed if you want something adapted to your needs.


But there is another solution if you are short on time: the custom-made office.

To do this, you can approach the carpenter or cabinetmaker near you to seek advice and find out what he can offer you. You also have the possibility of finding a specialized creator on the Internet.

This solution generally has several significant advantages. By communicating the dimensions of the space where you want to settle and by specifying your need in terms of storage, the designer you will call on will be able to make you one or more proposals. Once validated you will only have to wait.

Similarly, some companies will offer delivery and installation of your office.

This is the case of brutdetable.fr, creator of custom-made furniture, which offers you complete support for this type of project.

Made-to-measure desk 'Brut de Table'

*Brut de Table specializes in oak creations, including steel legs. *

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