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Solid oak worktops

Do you want to opt for a warm and durable kitchen? Solid wood is what you need!

Brut de Table specializes in the manufacture of solid wood panels and planks, all made by hand, in the Yvelines. Our creations are perfectly adapted to kitchen worktops.

Being only made to measure, you can adapt the dimensions to your needs. Visit the workshop to meet us or use our configurator to order directly online!

What size worktop should you choose?

For kitchen tops to be placed on standard cabinets, take an additional 3-5 cm in width compared to the depth of your cabinet to allow you to:

  • let the worktop protrude slightly in front of the cabinets, including the doors;
  • to separate the boxes from your walls for the passage of cables and ducts;
  • allow a possible cut at the back to adjust the misalignments or angles of your walls.

If you are making an "L" shaped kitchen , you will also need a few extra centimeters in length this time for the corner defects of the walls.

Low kitchen unit DELINIA ID, white H.76.8 x W.120 x D.58 cm | Leroy Merlin

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your project.

What type of wood is offered?

At Brut de Table, we have chosen to offer only one type of wood, oak. Why oak ?

More durable: oak is a dense, hard and durable wood. It will better withstand the shocks and wear and tear of everyday use.

French wood: we also have our supplier of oak from our French forests .

Noble and unique wood: it is a wood that can be rebellious and complicated to work with, but the authenticity of oak will make your kitchen look like no other .

Which kitchen furniture to choose?

All Brut de Table worktops can be adapted to cabinets from all retail brands (Ikéa, Leroy Merlin, Castorama, Darty...) or kitchen manufacturers (Aviva, Schmidt, Ixina, Arthur Bonnet, Perene...)

Kitchen decor: our Kitchen photo gallery - IKEA

And the installation of the work plan?

Brut de table specializes in the manufacture of solid wood panels and planks, so as not to disperse ourselves, we do not offer installation.

If you need advice, contact us directly.

How do I protect my solid wood worktop?

Any solid wood worktop must be protected. At Brut de table, you have two options:

  • order the raw worktops ( without varnish, possibly with the machining of the edges)
  • order the varnished worktops (with 3 coats of a very protective varnish, avoiding the regular maintenance of your worktop)

Solid oak full-slats, at what price?

If you imagine that solid oak full-planks (not finger-jointed) are unaffordable, think again! At Brut de Table, we offer affordable prices, from 2 cm thick, to 4 cm thick, prices can vary from 185 €/m2, up to 383 €/m2, including all our finishes.

There is a solution for every budget! We can make pieces up to 4 meters long and up to 1.5 meters wide, for example to dress a central island.

Choose your quote online in a few clicks click here !

Do you have a more specific project? Contact us or visit our Yvelines workshop!

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Ce dernier à une résistance importante à la chaleur (une tasse d’eau bouillante ne marquera jamais le bois).
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Nicolas de Brut de Table

Nicolas Brut de Table

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