Sapins de noël en chêne

5 good reasons to buy a "made in France" wooden tree for Christmas

Want to know the 5 good reasons to buy a small wooden Christmas tree ? Here is what stands out the most among our customers:

1. A stylish, compact and warm Christmas tree

By choosing a small wooden tree, you sublimate your interior and above all, you can save space. The compact wooden trees can be placed on the floor or on a sideboard. Sometimes shallow, they find their place in any room of your interior.

You can decorate them with small Christmas balls bought in the trade of 0.5 to 2 cm in diameter. Pretty sober balls will highlight the wood. They are ideal for keeping the design of the tree clean. Small discreet LED light garlands of 2 to 5 meters will also be able to highlight the knots and colors of the wood without overloading the tree.

5 meter silver light garland:

Light4fun garland : 9.49 euros

Sober Christmas balls:

Casashops : 3.50 euros

2. A responsible choice

By buying a small compact wooden tree, you can buy a creation entirely made in France and by hand. You can make small French craftsmen work and help them develop.

Prefer wood rather than artificial plastic trees! We are fortunate to have a very well managed timber industry in France.

By choosing wood, if it is treated naturally (such as natural oil) you are making an eco-responsible choice.

3. An economical choice

These little trees should be seen as an investment because they can be reused every year!

In addition, it will save you the rush of Christmas tree purchases at the end of November and the beginning of December each year.

4. No more fir needles on the ground

No more cleaning with the tree that loses its needles.

A real tree? It is necessary to choose the variety of the tree carefully, not to put it too close to a source of heat, to cut the trunk before installing it... With a wooden tree, no more worries and no more cleaning!

5. Varied and original models

If you are a handyman, collect wood from old furniture and make your own tree! If you are not the do-it-yourselfer type, you can find designer wooden fir trees "made in France" on many sites for less than 150 euros which can find a place in your interior:

Brut de Table , 89 euros in oak.

The Pumpkin Factory , 99 euros in pine.

Christmas trees , 119 euros in fir & poplar.

Monsapinwoody, 79 euros in pine.

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